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HSF Affiliates LLC Joins Forces with World Class Coaches to Support Children During Family Moves

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HSF Affiliates LLC Joins Forces with World Class Coaches to Support Children During Family Moves

Former All Pro football player Johnnie Johnson directs the program, which tackles challenges for moving families; program teams certified real estate pros and service-provider network to safeguard all members of relocating families

IRVINE, CA (Oct. 5, 2016) – HSF Affiliates LLC, which operates real estate brokerage networks Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Prudential Real Estate and Real Living Real Estate, has teamed up with San Jose, CA-based World Class Coaches and its Moving Families Initiative® to help ensure children receive proper support when their families relocate.

World Class Coaches facilitates the Moving Families Initiative, an international plan focused on serving, protecting and meeting the needs of families relocating with children ages 19 and younger. HSF Affiliates, through its Home ConnectionsSM real estate services platform, will provide parents a one-stop access point for the plan’s legion of service providers, programs and services. In addition, agents from HSF Affiliates’ brokerage networks will join more than 3,100 other real estate professionals already serving transitioning families coast to coast in conjunction with Moving Families Initiative.

“Moving is difficult for anyone but especially for children,” said Johnnie Johnson, former All Pro football player and CEO of World Class Coaches. “Moving Families Initiative connects moving families with certified agents to take a proactive approach on the physical and emotional strain kids face when changing neighborhoods and schools.”

Johnson gained sensitivity to the rigors of moving during his career in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks. “Annually more than 10 million children 19 years old and younger move throughout the U.S., according to U.S. Census Mobility Report data,” Johnson said. “Within five years, it’s part of our aim with the Moving Families Initiative to serve and provide protection for 10 million children throughout the country who annually change schools, neighborhoods and friends as a result of moving. In 10 years, our goal is to assist 20 million children worldwide.”

Moving Families Initiative provides a network of Preferred Real Estate AgentsTM who are trained in the care and handling of families’ needs during transition. To engage with the program, people simply access the new Moving Families Initiative Connectivity PlatformTM, or call (866) 224-8895, prior to the execution of their home rental, sale or purchase agreement. Home Connections will then join them with a Preferred Real Estate Agent of the families’ choice.

These advisors will help families meet their real estate needs and achieve the program’s core goals:

  • Assist kids with the physical and emotional challenges of moving;
  • Provide protection to the entire family during the transition;
  • Encourage and assist kids to engage in extracurricular activities of their choice;
  • Execute a Moving Families Initiative Written Game Plan that maps out a successful transition for all family members.

Agents working with transitioning families make complete assessments of members’ needs and help families connect with key people, schools, agencies and service providers in their new neighborhoods through World Class Coaches’ Consumer and Personal Provider NetworksTM. This includes coaches, scout leaders, instructors and others who will be waiting to support the kids in the days, weeks and months following their arrival. Agents provide these services at no cost beyond the normal and customary fees charged by their brokerage for real estate for details.

Johnson said it’s vital that kids choose an extracurricular activity in their new neighborhood. “We’re not concerned about which one as long as they participate in one of their choosing,” he explained. “It could be Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, playing in the band, singing, dancing, youth sports. Extracurricular activities teach young people certain values, life skills and character traits that may be difficult to learn elsewhere. Even the world’s greatest parents can use the help that these activities provide.”

Gino Blefari, CEO of HSF Affiliates, applauded Moving Families Initiative for fulfilling an essential need. “The Moving Families Initiative is a terrific plan for all families with kids who need to move or relocate,” he said. “We support the plan because it places families first and ensures all family members’ needs are met through the move and beyond. This holistic approach to relocation is not only smart, but it’s also the right thing to do.”

About World Class Coaches/Moving Families Initiative

San Jose, CA-based World Class Coaches is an international personal, professional and executive coaching company that practices and teaches basic fundamentals as part of its coaching-delivery process. The company facilitates its Moving Families Initiative, which serves, protects and meets the needs of families with kids who must move or relocate. Visit or call (866) 224-8895 for details.

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